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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


125 Webster Hill Blvd.
West Hartford, CT 06107
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Jeffrey Wallowitz, Principal 

Welcome to

Webster Hill 
Elementary School




Summer Adventures! 


It’s important to stay educationally active throughout the summer so I’ll be sending some ideas each week to help.  When I taught fifth grade, I introduced my students to Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory to show them that they were ALL smart.  We simply have different strengths and different areas of challenge.  The notion that you are only smart if you are good at reading, writing and math discounts so many brilliant people so I wanted my students to recognize the various ways they were smart, while recognizing the intelligence of others.  Starting next week, I will highlight a different “intelligence” and share activities that correspond.  I hope you enjoy them together as a family.


Week 2 

The first intelligence to explore for summer adventures is your logical/mathematical intelligence.  Have fun and be creative! 

Logical/Mathematical “Math Smart” kids, may enjoy:

  • Categorize Information and facts about a topic
  • Compare and/or contrast a topic using Graphs
  • Create a Venn Diagram/ Create a Pamphlet of info
  • Create and conduct an Experiment
  • Create Word Puzzles for your friends or family
  • Create a Timeline
  • Develop a Fact file
  • Develop a game about a topic
  • Develop a memory system based on numbers/patterns
  • Interpret data from a topic area
  • Keep a Journal on a topic
  • Produce a document in Excel
  • Translate data from a variety of sources
  • Make a calendar related to a topic
  • Develop and Present a Database
  • Use deductive reasoning skills
  • Write a computer program or modify an existing one
  • Write a Guided Visual Imagery
  • Write a Poem or an Essay
  • Create an outline for a story
  • Design a map
  • Decipher codes
  • Create patterns


Week One: I ask that you sit down with your child or children and make a plan for daily reading.

  •  When will they read (when they first wake up, after lunch, before bed)?
  •  When will you read to them?  Elementary school students are not too old to be read to.
  • Where will they read?  Identifying a place helps ensure fidelity.
  • Don’t focus on how much they read.  Don’t set timers.  The goal is for students to love what they are reading so help them find books that they want to read.  Anything is fine.  Fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, biographies, articles, etc. 
  • Whenever possible, read together.  Whether it’s on the beach, by the pool, on the couch, under a tree, or wherever, grab your book and read together.
  • Talk about the books they are reading.  Talk about the characters, the characters’ decisions, the information they are learning, and more.  Don’t quiz or test them.  Use this discussion time to enjoy being with your child and making the process of reading a positive one. Help model that reading is fun!  


Webster Hill is in the 
Guinness Book of World Records

Did you hear?  It's official!  Webster Hill is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest origami butterfly!  It was accomplished last spring and we just got word last week!  Congratulations to the students and teachers involved.  They worked extremely hard and deserve a lot of credit!  




    Jeff Wallowitz-Principal

125 Webster Hill Boulevard

West Hartford, CT 06107

Phone 860-521-0320

Fax 860-561-1230

Attendance phone 860-929-5828




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