April 2014  
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Wednesdays, Yoga in the gym-8:00am
Thursdays, Read in the gym- 8:00am

   Memorial Day--No School
   May 26 2014
   Last Day of School 2pm dismissal
   Jun 19 2014 at 02:00 PM

A note from Mr. Wallowitz:


A couple years ago, our three children held a secret meeting and approached us with the proposal of getting an allowance.  My wife and I were impressed with their collaboration but told them we needed to hold our own secret meeting to discuss their proposal.  We decided that an allowance was acceptable but certain household responsibilities (chores) would be expected of them.  Over the years, we’ve noticed that our children have felt good about helping, being responsible and for earning the allowance they’ve received.  It has also taught them how to save for an expensive item and the decision making that goes along with how and when to spend money.


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Celebrating Dr. Seuss

 mr W and pre-k

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