July 2014  
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Wednesdays, Yoga in the gym-8:00am
Thursdays, Read in the gym- 8:00am

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A note from Mr. Wallowitz:


As the year begins to wind down (and wind up at the same time), please know that children anticipate the end of the school year in many different ways.  Even though they may act like they can’t wait for summer, many are anxious about losing the sense of comfort and consistency that classroom teachers and staff have provided all year.  Some children have a hard time expressing their emotions with the upcoming change.  Please give your child the opportunity to share their thoughts and make sure to acknowledge how your child is feeling.  What may seem like a minor worry to an adult can be quite significant to a child.  Talk positively about your child’s academic and social growth.  Talk about favorite moments throughout the year and about the exciting new beginnings that will be coming soon.  Share your favorite memories when you were your child’s age.  The end of the year should be a celebration of learning and something to enjoy as a whole family.


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