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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


110 Beechwood Road
West Hartford, CT 06107
Phone: 860-231-5000
Fax: 860-521-6699

Julio Duarte, Principal 


The West Hartford Public High Schools’ Mathematics Program embraces a standards based approach that reflects a balance between the development of conceptual understandings and procedural skills. Our program is grounded within four key areas: high expectations for all learners, promotion of inquiry and conjecture, reasoning and sense making, and habits of mind. The program facilitates inquiry and exploration of real world phenomenon utilizing technology. Instruction for all students includes a common core of topics aligned with the Connecticut’s Standards for Mathematics. The courses focus on exploring mathematical content through multiple representations including algebraic, numerical, graphical, and tabular.
     A sequence of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II will result in college and career readiness.Additional courses are recommended for students considering college majors in mathematics, engineering, other science related fields or business. Extended and honors courses provide students with content and/or rigor beyond what is expected in a college preparatory course.
Experience has shown that a final mark of C or above is needed to assure success in the subsequent mathematics course. You should plan to repeat the course if you earned a D, preferably in summer school. If you do not have a full credit in a prerequisite you may not enroll in the next course.
     Department permission is required to change courses during the school year. *Graphing calculators are used extensively in some courses and required for Advanced Placement exams.

Department & Staff

MathMichelle GravelineDept Supervisor5051michelle_graveline@whps.org 
Math  Holly Banak     Teacher  6005 holly_banak@whps.org
MathHeather Beattie-DeWittTeacher6173heather_beattie-dewitt@whps.orgwebsite
MathJames BryersPASS Teacher  6078  
MathJackie CorricelliTeacher6167jackie_corricelli@whps.orgwebsite
MathHolly D'AddarioTeacher6177holly_daddario@whps.org
MathDavid DippolinoTeacher6271david_dippolino@whps.org
MathDebbie HartshornTeacher6003debbie_hartshorn@whps.org
MathAnn Marie HoulihanTeacher6003annmarie_houlihan@whps.org
MathJulie JastremskiTeacher6179julie_jastremski@whps.org
MathMichael McCarthyTeacher6096michael_mccarthy@whps.org
Math  Noah Mealy Teacher6175noah_mealy@whps.org website
MathElyse NevinsTeacher6174elyse_nevins@whps.org
MathBrian NoelTeacher6178brian_noel@whps.org
MathSanjay RambhiaTeacher 6168sanjay_rambhia@whps.org 
MathAndrea RoseTeacher6170andrea_rose@whps.org
MathDoug SekorskiTeacher6281douglas_sekorski@whps.org website


Courses Offered

Courses Offered*: 
Algebra I (L3)
Algebra I (L2)
Geometry (L3)
Geometry (L2)
Honors Geometry (L1)
Algebra II (L3)
Algebra II (L2)
Honors Algebra II (L1)

exploring Computer Science

AP Computer Science Principals

AP Computer Science A
Discrete Math 
Probability & Statistics 
Honors Pre-Calculus
AP Statistics
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

Course Sequence

College Prep ExtendedHonors
Algebra I - L3Algebra I - L2Geometry - L1
Geometry - L3
Geometry - L2
Algebra II - L1
Algebra II - L3
Algebra II - L2
Precalculus - L1
Options Include: 
AP Computer Science
Discrete Mathematics (ECE)
Probability & Statistics

Options Include:
AP Computer Science
AP Statistics
Discrete Mathematics (ECE)
Probability & Statistics

 Options Include:
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Computer Science
AP Statistics

Online Resources

West Hartford Public Schools

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